Welcome to Four Seasons Yoga - Need to find a better balance in life? Yoga can help you to relax and yet become invigorated.

Yoga weekend holiday southwestKatharine West is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and  teaches   Workshops  North Somerset and Devon areas and Yoga Retreats and Weekends on Dartmoor.

This is YOGA FOR ALL ABILITIES......whether you are new to yoga or have practiced for years. Come along and breath, stretch, relax and energise.

In all the yoga classes, workshops and yoga breaks you are helped to move safely into yoga postures and work with the breath to improve your energy levels, strength, flexibility, and relaxation. The focus of my teaching is to enable the student to take their yoga practice into their lives, to help free up stiff and aching muscles and joints and clarify the mind. The aim is to be able to counter the stress in our lives and be happier.

Create space in your life for you reconnect with the rhythm of our natural environment and learn more about yoga.


I have been practicing yoga for 20 years. When I first started to attend yoga classes I was fascinated with how I felt after my yoga practice, and still am now.  It wasn't just the difference in my body, feeling energised in a very calm way, but the clarity and focus of my mind, like a weight had been lifted after attending my yoga class. Yoga is not just a form of exercise for me but a way of regenerating the body and mind.  .

It has dramatically changed and improved my life over the years and it could yours!  With a regular yoga practice you will not only notice your physical body becoming stronger, your muscles toned, increased stamina, strength and flexibility, but also feel an increase in confidence, enjoyment and happiness in your life.

 How yoga helped me                                                                                  

I experienced a number of challenges to my health over a period of 3 years and I had to stop my yoga practice after major surgery. I really noticed the difference in my body and mind. With help and guidance from my  teacher I was able to re-establish my yoga practice. I became stronger and happier and still use my yoga practice to help keep well. I find yoga is a great way to keep strong and help manage stress - the two key components to maintaining good health.

 Why yoga

Realising the power of yoga I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of yoga. My yoga teacher advised that the most comprehensive training in the UK was the British Wheel of Yoga teacher training. So I took the plunge. I learnt so much about all aspects of yoga over the 2.5 year course - learning to teach was a by-product! 

Yoga is a simple and safe way to move into a more happy way of life.

Yoga is an ancient health system that helps with numerous health issues and recently much has been written about the benefit of yoga, practiced regularly,  for bad backs ..., joint health, weight loss, Improved immunity, artheritis, ME, chronic fatigue. Yoga also works more subtlely and a regular practice regulates appetite, improves concentration, helps self esteem and helps with emotions such as anger and guilt. 

The benefits of yoga are :

  • releif of bad backs
  • relief of muscular tension
  • increased muscle strength, tone and alignment
  • improved mobility of joints
  • increased spinal strength & vitality
  • improving all systems of the body, especially glands & nerves
  • improved circulation
  • strengthened immune system
  • promotion of proper breathing
  • promotion of deep relaxation and restful sleep
  • improved levels of concentration & alertness
  • increased energy levels
  • creation of body/mind balance
  • improved mindfulness

 I now really love teaching. I teach group classes, 1:1 tuition, workshops in Bristol, North Somerset, and the Mendip and Sedgemoor areas of Somerset. I also run yoga holidays and short breaks in Devon and abroad.

More about Yoga weekends and holidays

The birth of Four Seasons Yoga is built on the philosophy that when we take space to connect to our natural world we deepen our yoga experinece.  The move to create yoga weekends and holidays was made after students were asking to experience yoga either for the first time or to deepen their practice over a longer period. This are relaxing holidays and and weekend breaks with lots of yoga too.  It is space for you to do what you enjoy doing with a healthy dose of yoga thrown in. 

Each weekend and holiday takes place in locations selected for their beautiful natural environment. The yoga classes take place in the morning and later in the afternoon so that have the main part of the day you can enjoy the natural environment, and local attraction of wild moorlands, beautiful coastline and country cuisine.

The focus of each yoga holiday or weekend will be the relevant season, and how to use yoga to work with the seasons to enhance your health and wellbeing and counter the effects of the fast moving lives we lead.

Create space in your life for you and reconnect with the rhythm of our natural environment and learn more about yoga.Why not try a relaxing country weekend exploring and walking in a beautiful natural environment.....with yoga classes included. For more details see the 'Yoga holidays and weekends' page.

 More about classes in North Somerset

Katharine West teaches yoga classes in North Somerset throughout the week. These classes are an hour and a half long but are easily managed by complete beginners and those that have practiced yoga more regularly. So people of all abilities can attend.  The yoga classes start with warm-up exercises and then move into classical yoga postures. This is then followed by breathing techniques, called pranayama techniques and then a final deep relaxation. The effect of my classes are to stretch the body but also to create clarity and calmness of the mind. My students leave feeling refreshed and energised but centered.

Each term has a new focus so that you build on your knowledge of yoga, in the classical sense. Yet all the yoga techniques and postures that are taught in the classes are tailored to fit in with our busy modern lives. For example, breathing techniques you can practice to clear and focus the mind for concentration, or help you sleep.

More about the workshops

Katharine West teaches yoga through the changing seasons of the year in a lovely country house nestled under the Mendip Hills.

Each workshop is 3 hours long - but don't worry we have breaks and rest periods throughout the workshop. Again these yoga workshops focus on both the physical posture work as well as the 'softer' breathing; energising and relaxing yoga techniques that help you deepen your understanding and experience of yoga.

These workshops are created to help you move through the changing seasons throughout the year. This can help you  'tune in' to our natural environment and feel more connected with the world you live in.


Contact me for more information

I hope you find what you need to know about yoga and my teaching on the website - any questions please get in touch through my Enquiry Page.

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